The Royal Albert Hall Pedal

Jimmy Page with his Hiwatt amplifier at the Royal Albert Hall, became an historical moment blessed by the Gods of tone. This schematic was found in the depths of the Internet, I cross checked it, and cleaned it up with KiCAD. I used DiyLC to create the layout. After etching the board and soldering the components, it looked like this. A great tone deserves a great enclosure. Red knobs, a zeppelin...
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Zound Zkulptor Booster

A good guitar booster should adapt to its position, and to the needs of the guitar and guitar player. The ideal booster needs to reflect the Fletcher–Munson curves, because since the ear hears different frequencies at different levels, when the guitar signal is amplified it should remain pleasant and equivalent. I decided to use a MOS-fet because the bias, impedance and sound can be altered...
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